Web Design The Millennial Way

Web Design—The Millennial Way

Web Design The Millennial Way

When designing a user-friendly site, no generation’s opinion is more valuable than that of millennials. Why? Because millennials have the strongest relationship with technology, fully equipped with a smart phone on their person at all times. They’ve grown up with it and understand how it works better than their youngest siblings or parents ever could. Need another reason? They make up America’s largest generation.

Millennials know what they want, and if they’re not satisfied, they will move on to the next thing. This is especially relevant to their appreciation for efficient and quick online shopping experiences.

If there’s one thing that millennials can relate to, it’s that their patience runs out fast—especially with technology—which is why brands must be at the top of their game when developing user experiences. Also, millennials prefer consistency to change. And, while they’re smart enough to adapt to change, it’s likely they won’t want to.

As we venture through the second half of 2016, millennials have reached an age range (18-34) where their spending has reached its peak. This has to do with several factors. Namely, they now have money they never had before as a result of their real world jobs.

How to Appeal to Millennials

It should be no surprise that a millennial’s favorite route to take to purchase a product is through online shopping. It’s convenient. With a phone in their pocket or purse at all times and Wi-Fi almost always within reach no matter their location, online shopping is super easy.

Whether it’s the checkout process detailing shipping estimates upfront or customer service answering user’s questions, millennials expect it all. Social media has become the most convenient way to hear the latest news, trends, and sales. So, use that to your brand’s benefit. No company wants negative reviews; therefore, brands must work to promote their brand in a positive light through social channels, including responding to specific questions… individually! Millennials expect their favorite brand to take the time to directly respond to their inquiry.

What To Know Going In

The most challenging aspect of all this is that a millennial’s wants and needs change at the drop of a hat, just like technology and trends. Nothing is set in stone. It’s all up to the brand to stay ahead of the curve. If the brand fails, they not only lose a customer, they can lose an entire generation.

Investing in a user experience design modeled after the millennial mindset should be a brand’s top priority. The easier it is for users to flow through a site, the more likely they are to return—and maybe bring some friends along, too.

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Colleen Pagnani
Digital & Operations Coordinator, Liqui-Site

An integral member of the Liqui-Site team since 2015, Colleen handles content research and development, reporting, and assists with both operational and new business development initiatives.